Dragon Ball Heroes Announces Episode 18 Delay

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has reached the climax of the Universal Conflict arc, and thus fans have been eagerly anticipating each new episode of the series as the battle against Hearts gets more intense. While Episode 18 of the series was previously announced with a vague release window of December, a new update to the release has confirmed that this next episode will instead be delayed to later in December. As spotted by @DbsHype on Twitter, Episode 18 is now slated to release in late December rather than early December.

So it's fortunately not a huge delay for the next episode of the series, but this is a delay nonetheless. Unfortunately, there's still no concrete release date to go along with the announcement of the delay so it's still a toss up as to how far into December we'll have to wait to see it.

Episode 18 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series is titled "Super Showdown! Gogeta vs. Hearts" and the synopsis for it reads as such, "Gogeta and Hearts clash! The fate of the universe is riding on the mightiest fused warrior. How will this earth-shaking super decisive battle play out?!"

This is why it's tough to hear that it will be a longer wait for the next episode of the series as Gogeta has finally made his debut in the Dragon Ball Heroes universe. After Hearts absorbed the power of the Universe Seed super weapon, this made him even stronger than ever. With a power that Goku and the others couldn't stop even with the help of Hit and Jiren, this forced Goku and Vegeta to use the fusion dance once more in the hopes that Gogeta could win.


While fusions have not exactly fared well in the promotional anime series, this time around could be different as we just might get to see Ultra Instinct Gogeta. Given that the promotional anime allows for all sorts of wild non-canon ideas having fun with the franchise's characters, and Ultra Instinct Gogeta will be the extra bit of icing on the cake. It would definitely make the delay worth it.

If you wanted to check out the promotional anime series for yourself, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17 is now live. It's titled, "Ultimate God Killer! The Birth of Hearts!" and the synopsis reads as such, "Hearts has finally evolved into his ultimate form. As Jiren and Hit come to the rescue, Goku and co. start an all-out battle! The final battle that decides the fate of the universe begins!"