Dragon Ball Sets Up Golden Freeza's Next Stand

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is amping up to enter into its next arc of the 'Space-Time War' which [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is amping up to enter into its next arc of the "Space-Time War" which will see the return of several heroes and villains from the franchise's past, with one of the biggest comebacks being Freeza in his shiny new Golden form. With the latest episode featuring Goku waking up in what appears to be an entirely new universe, a new trailer has been released for the arcade game that might give us hints as to what the future holds for both the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol in this Dragon Ball spin-off.

The latest trailer doesn't just feature the return of Freeza, it sees the alien despot teaming up with his brother Cooler, who also now has the ability to transform into a "Golden" version of himself, gaining a serious power boost in the process. Aside from Freeza's comeback, the trailer also throws in a big surprise with the return of Hearts, who appears to be on the side of Goku this time around as he assists in taking down the evil siblings as they rally with one another in a brand new universe. Though Cooler and Hearts have yet to appear in the main continuity, they have certainly made a name for themselves in Dragon Ball lore.

Twitter User DBSHype shared the seventh trailer for the Big Bang Mission, which is made specifically for the arcade units that are spread throughout the country of Japan, and will often reflect on future events that will be taking place in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes spin-off:

The last time we saw Freeza in the main continuity, he had brought the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly into the path of both Goku and Vegeta, attempting to exact his revenge for the pain that the Saiyans have cost him in the past. Though the alien despot was smacked around plenty by Broly in the latest Dragon Ball Super film, he escaped with his life and is still causing chaos around the universe as he continues to expand the Freeza force in his wake.

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