Dragon Ball Synopsis Teases a Universe-Altering Battle

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has introduced a new transformation for Goku Black, who has returned to enact his "Goku Elimination Plan" in order to master the power of the Saiyan body in which he resides, with Super Saiyan 3 Rose and it seems as if the Space-Time War Arc is looking to ramp up the battle of this new universe. Releasing a new synopsis for its next episode of the anime spin-off, it seems as if the Z-Fighters might finally manage to take down the Goku doppelganger that has been a key part of the latest storyline.

While Goku Black has been the main antagonist of the Space-Time War, the spin-off's latest story has been chock full of some of the biggest villains of the franchise to date. With the original character of Fuu creating a new universe in a bid to get revenge for the destruction of the Dark Demon Dimension, the latest arc has also given us appearances by the likes of the original version of Broly, Cooler, Freeza, and many others. With the series also bringing back classic Dragon Ball Z villains including the likes of Cell and Dr. Wheelo, it's clear that Heroes can venture into a number of territories that might have otherwise gone unexplored.

Dragon Ball
(Photo: Toei )

The next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, episode six of the Space-Time War Arc, is set to land later this month on September 12th, and has released its official description that might be one of the biggest fights of the series to date:

"Few hours remain until the birth of mortals in the fake universe. Goku and the others assemble to confront Goku Black, the Scarlet Masked Saiyan. The warriors, friends or foes alike, face off in an all-out war, but Goku Black, wearing the mask, demonstrates even more power. How will this final battle that shakes the entire universe, be waged?"

Currently, fans are still debating the identity of the Hodded Saiyan who was last seen fighting against Goku Black, with many wondering if this mysterious fighter is an alternate version of Goku or perhaps Goku's father Bardock who has once again returned to the Shonen franchise.


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