Dragon Ball Art Gives Goku a Pixar-Inspired Makeover

Dragon Ball fans know Goku backward and forwards at this point. After decades on the scene, it seems the Saiyan has done it all with fans as they've watched him grow from a kid to a granddad. Of course, the anime fandom is always looking for ways to reinvent the hero, and artists have given Goku makeovers time and again. But now, one tribute is going viral for giving the hero a Pixar-centric look.

As you can see below, the 3D character artist Van Rose (@vaanrose) took to Twitter to share their project with fans. It was there they posted their CG character mock for Kid Goku, and the piece is honestly impressive.

With his staff in hand, Goku looks like a normal kid in this short with his blue gi and undershirt. Of course, the martial artist still has his gravity-defying hair, but this 3D design makes it look incredibly normal. The look combines with some chubby cheeks and expressive eyes as you can tell. And in the end, the 3DCG design shows how Goku could look if Pixar were to make a Dragon Ball entry.

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Of course, this style is wildly different from what Dragon Ball uses. Back in the day, Kid Goku came to life with hand-drawn animation and edited cells. The franchise only recently embraced CG animation as Dragon Ball Super used it quite a bit. Of course, the IP took the plunge this year when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero debuted and was done entirely in CG. Despite the radical change, the movie's art style was praised by fans across the world, and this piece of fan art proves Goku can be done justice in any sort of style.


What do you think of this Pixar-approved take on Goku? Does this CG style suit Dragon Ball? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.