Dragon Ball Cosplay Defies Gravity With Goku's Super Saiyan Hair

Dragon Ball has been around for decades, and at this point, fans around the world know who Son Goku is. From his first days on Earth to his most recent missions, the series has always kept a close eye on Goku. After all, the hero stands as Dragon Ball's de facto lead, and one fan is going viral all thanks to their gravity-defying take on the Saiyan.

As you can see below, the piece comes from Instagram courtesy of Chris Van Loon. The fan, who also goes by sp_cosplay, is known well in the cosplay space for their insanely detailed wigs. So of course, it didn't take them too long to give Goku's own look a shot.

As you can see, the Super Saiyan cosplay brings Goku to life with a navy ripped undershirt and folded orange gi. With wristbands to match, the hero is looking edgier than normal here thanks to some tattoos, and Goku's Super Saiyan hairstyle pulls the whole thing together. Loon managed to bring Goku's hair to life with some careful styling that somehow looks real. So if you thought it was impossible to do up Goku's hair in real life, well – this cosplay is here to prove you wrong.

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To date, Loon has done a number of Goku cosplays, so you can find more of their work here on Instagram. They've also brought other shonen heroes like Ichigo Kurosaki to life, so if you need convention inspiration, sp_cosplay should do the trick!


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