Dragon Ball Welcomes Naruto With Sick Saiyan Makeover

Anime and manga fans love to constantly compare and contrast two of the heavyweight giants of the genre: Dragon Ball and Naruto. And why not? The two Shonen series both chronicle the epic (read: long) saga's of characters unlikely warriors who start out as outcasts and train and battle to become world-saving heroes (Goku and Naruto, respectively). Well, it's long been debated by fans just how closely Goku and Naruto's stories are - and just how much room there is to combine those two stories into one. Well, thanks to a new piece of fan art, anime fans can finally see for themselves what a Naruto and Goku mashup looks like! 

More than that simple framework, of their protagonists' stories, both the Dragon Ball and Naruto series have closely mirrored one another in the kind of core characters and arcs they've established (see: Vegeta and Sasuke), the sort of martial arts fantasy mythos they've both established (transformations and special powers), and even the sorts of villains the fight. Even as both series continue to add decades and new phases to their run (currently Dragon Ball Super and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations), fans are continuing to delight in spotting places where it looks like Dragon Ball has "copied" Naruto - or vice versa - always with the tongue-in-cheek attitude of knowing these similar coincidences in the series are just that. 

At the same time, while fans love to debate Dragon Ball and Naruto in "Who Wore It Best" style comparisons, a lot of fans have generally been wishing to see some kind of official manga/anime crossover event for Naruto and Dragon Ball happen, ever since both series hit their respective strides ow worldwide fame in the 2000s. Now, seeing just how popular manga and anime are all over the world - and how much fan service goes into the mega-popular franchises like Dragon Ball and Naruto - and doesn't seem like this crossover event is impossible - or even too far out of reach. 

And "event" manga/anime seems like it would be the best approach; a story that brought Dragon Ball's heroic Saiyans (Goku and Vegeta) to the Shinobi world - or a Naruto battle that had space-time jutsu that ended displacing shinobi in the Dragon Ball Universe. Either way, the aforementioned similarities in the two series would make it easy (and meta fun) to have Saiyans mistaken for Otsutsuki, or Shinobi mistaken for alien invaders, and see the similar powers of Dragon Ball and Naruto go at it! 

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