'Dragon Ball': Spirit Bombs Could Work Against Jiren

How can Goku beat Jiren? That is the question many Dragon Ball Super fans are now asking themselves. Jiren is the strongest fighter from Universe 11 and Goku is arguably the strongest in Universe 7, with fans eager to watch the two clash.

Putting Goku's new form aside, it is possible that Goku may use another level of power to win the Battle Royale. If Goku still had a few teammates competing, it's possible that Goku could use them as a distraction and charge up a Spirit Bomb. Think about it, even if all of Goku's friends have been beaten, he can still use their power in the attack.

However, a fight between these two will most likely be the final battle of the Tournament of Power, with Jiren being hinted to rival the powers of the Gods of Destructions. Although, there are many fans that believe that the Spirit Bomb can only be used on someone who is evil, however, that is not the case.

The Spirit Bomb can be used to attack anyone; it doesn't matter if they are pure of heart or pure evil. However, the one who charges the attack must be pure of heart, as it could backfire on them.

Therefore, if Goku managed to survive whilst charging the attack, which he did against Freeza on Namek, then he could use the technique against Jiren. Goku could borrow the power of all his teammates, Beerus and Universe 7's Kai's who don't want to be erased. It is doubtful that Jiren could survive an attack with that much power stored within in.


In addition, Goku will have a new form, however; fans will have to see how strong it is and if Goku can control its power, which could be the reason he may use a Spirit Bomb.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

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