'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 124 Recap With Spoilers

The episode begins with a preview of the last episode, as Vegeta reaches a new level of power and [...]

The episode begins with a preview of the last episode, as Vegeta reaches a new level of power and Goku and Jiren begun their counterattack in full. But despite their efforts, Jiren remains unharmed and barely seems phased by their attacks.

Episode 124 begins proper with Goku and Vegeta staring down Jiren. Goku compliments Jiren once again, saying he's strong because their attacks still don't faze him. Vegeta says the fight starts for real now while Beerus says that the two need to defeat Jiren if Universe 7 has any real chance of winning.

The two Zenos are naturally excited and impressed by the duo's combined and continuous attacks as the two start attacking Jiren once more, while Master Roshi says that even Jiren won't be able to stand up to an assault like that. Just then, Goku and Vegeta launch a Kamehameha and Final Flash respectively and Jiren looks to be defeated for the moment.

But soon after, Jiren appears unharmed once more. Stating that the two have shown him their power, he attacks once more. Seeing Jiren unleash his power, Dyspo decides it's his turn to get serious and attacks Freeza once again. Freeza taunts him by saying his movements are too straightforward and easy to read while Dypso says he's not even at his top speed yet.

Dyspo's speed increases and he begins pushing Freeza back. Dyspo then traps him in a Ki ring and detonates it (his Circle Flash), and intends to deal a killing blow. He goes in for a punch, but Freeza catches him. Then he proposes a bargain.

He says that even if they continue, they'll drain their stamina. And that Universe 11 is just disadvantaged by sheer number of fighters left in Universe 7. He also says that while Jiren is strong, there's no guarantee he'll be able to defeat both Goku and Vegeta before the Tournament's end. If Universe 11 were to win, he'd like to be resurrected with the Super Dragon Balls if he helps Universe 11 win the Tournament.

Dyspo sees right through this ploy, however, knowing that Freeza is pure evil and planned to use him and eliminate him in the end. Being denied, Freeza activates his Golden Freeza form once more as he intends to be serious from here on out with round two.

After the break, Dyspo attacks once more but his punches are wholly ineffective as Golden Freeza is notably faster than Dyspo. Angered, Dyspo emits a new kind of energy and reaches a new level of speed. With this, he begins pushing Freeza back.

Belmod says this is Dyspo's final technique, Super Maximum Light Speed Mode and Zeno complains that they're moving too fast for them to see. The Grand Priest notes that Dyspo is moving faster than the GodPad can follow and promises to upgrade it for the next go around.

Dyspo's assault pushes Freeza to the edge, but Gohan is able to kick Dyspo away in time. When Freeza asks if he's sure about saving him and saying he might betray him for real this time, Gohan responds that he'll beat him when the time comes.

Then the two decide to work together as Gohan figures that they'll need a way to deal with Dyspo's speed as he continues to dodge their blasts. But Gohan notcies something in the way Dyspo is dodging and decides to limit his field of movement. Freez goes along with this plan and recognizes Gohan as Universe 7's leader.

Gohan rushes in as Freeza launches Death Beams, trapping the two in a cage of deadly blasts. The others note that Gohan won't lose in a head to head battle, as he holds his own against Dyspo despite the beams harming the two when they hit the edge of the cage.

Turning the tables, Gohan gets the better of Dyspo. But Freeza runs out of stamina and is unable to keep up the attack. But before Dyspo runs away, Gohan grabs him and tells Freeza to fire. Freeza does so, gladly.

This blast eliminated both Dyspo and Gohan from the Tournament of Power as Gohan apologizes for his elimination. Though Piccolo picks up his spirits by saying that they would not have been able to defeat Dyspo if he had escaped.

Universe 7 is down to its last four fighters, and Universe 11 is down to their final two. Six minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.

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