‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoiler Details Gohan's Fight With Toppo

Dragon Ball fans may be focused on Jiren these days, but there is another Universe 11 fighter you should be watching. Toppo is poised to make a comeback on Dragon Ball Super, and it seems Gohan will bear the brunt of it.

This week, Weekly Shonen Jump is poised to share a synopsis for the anime's 123rd episode. Apparent scans of the blurb have since gone live online, and translators were quick to turn around the intriguing text. So, you can check out the spoiler-friendly summary of the upcoming episode below:

"Gohan This Week: can he attack No. 17 along with the enemy?! No. 17 uses his whole body to paralyze Toppo, and orders Gohan to defeat them both. However, Gohan hesitates and loses the chance to defeat Toppo, but…"

As you can see, Gohan is going to find himself fighting both Jiren and himself when his battle gets underway. Not only is the Pride Trooper a physically formidable opponent, but Gohan will war with his morals when Android 17 makes a surprising play. The synopsis confirms the man will restrain Toppo with his body so that Gohan can eliminate them both, but the Saiyan will hesitate a moment too long.

Of course, hesitation is the worst possible thing Gohan could do. Toppo will find a way to break Android 17's hold thanks to the lapse, and Gohan will be left to fight the man at full strength. The title of Dragon Ball Super's ensuing episode seems to suggest Toppo will show Universe 7 the power which made him a candidate to replace Belmod, and Gohan may be on the receiving end of the display. Goku's son may have tapped back into his Ultimate form before the tournament started, but there is only so much he can do against someone as strong as a God of Destruction. The only way Gohan will take Toppo out is to team up with his comrades or miraculously pull out a brand new power-up.


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