How Dragon Ball Super Can Make Piccolo Stronger Than The Saiyans

Dragon Ball Super has given a spotlight to a number of characters that has otherwise been out-shined by the likes of Goku and Vegeta, thanks to their battle tendencies as Saiyans and the various transformations under their belts. In a recent article, we looked into the idea of what if Piccolo were to return to his villainous ways. Would a new Demon King be a worthwhile addition to the franchise and put Piccolo back into the limelight? Regardless, there is a definitive way for Piccolo to gain new levels of power which he would have otherwise never be able to attain and the Tournament of Power showed us exactly how!

When Universe 6 arrived on the scene for the Tournament, Goku and his friends were astonished by the fact that they had two Namekians in tow. With these versions of the green skinned warriors that we came to know in the Dragon Ball franchise, it seems that they had taken somewhat of a similar route as Piccolo had done twice during his life. By absorbing other members of their race, both of the Universe 6 combatants gained new levels of strength, proving that there is a method for the peaceful people to ascend without necessarily needing Super Saiyan.

Of course, the most notable time that Piccolo performed this technique was during the Cell Saga, wherein he absorbed Kami into his person, re-uniting Piccolo with the being that was the "good side" of his persona. With his personality and power changed, Piccolo was much stronger than he had been before, and for a time, was the strongest warrior in the Z Fighters roster. Similarly, during the Freeza Saga, he absorbed Nail which made him a match for Freeza's second form.

Whether he would do this altruistically to combat some new threat or potentially as a villain would be an interesting question, though we would imagine it would be the former. With Piccolo currently going hard in the paint against Moro and his henchmen in the Dragon Ball Super manga, it should be interesting to see the route he takes during the battle itself.


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