Dragon Ball Super Artist Sets Up a Telling New Interview for August

Toyotaro has had the monumental responsibility of continuing the adventures originally created by mangaka Akira Toriyama, and with the Granolah The Survivor Arc has been able to stretch his legs when it comes to drawing the current battle between the Cerealian and the two Saiyan warriors of the Z Fighters. The Dragon Ball Super artist has gone on record that he is set to have an interview later this month in which Toyotaro will be revealing new secrets of the latest manga arc, which has been making the rounds in the news by introducing the new transformation of Vegeta.

If you aren't familiar with how Toyotaro had originally got his start with the Dragon Ball franchise, the mangaka originally started by creating fan manga chapters for Dragon Ball AF, a spin-off series that was far from official and created entirely new scenarios and characters that filled Toriyama's world. Over the years, Toyotaro continued to master his manga art and is currently an artist that has done well at capturing the aesthetic of Toriyama's style, while also adding a dynamic that is clearly his own. With the inclusion of Ultra Instinct for Goku alongside Vegeta's new God of Destruction transformation, Toyotaro is really diving into some unique new takes on the world of the Dragon Balls.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the upcoming mention of Toyotaro's video interviews, which will specifically have the artist diving into details about the Granolah The Survivor Arc, which has seen a new powerful warrior added into the mythos of the Dragon Ball universe:

Dragon Ball Super's manga has been released on a steady clip each month, with the printed story running past the conclusion of the first iteration of the anime, which came to a close via the Tournament of Power Arc's end. While fans are still waiting on word as to when the Shonen franchise will return to the venue of the small screen, the latest information regarding 2022's film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, has fueled a lot of excitement and speculation as to the next adventures of the Z Fighters.


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