Dragon Ball Super Artwork Imagines Bulma's Galactic Patrol Prisoner Anime Look

While Bulma may not be a fighter, she has joined the Z fighters on several of their adventures in the past. Goku and her searched for the Dragon Balls during the original series, she followed Gohan and Krillin onto Planet Namek during the Freeza Saga, and in Dragon Ball Super, she has hung out with the Galactic Patrol's Jaco on a number of occasions, as well as nearly becoming a sworn enemy of the God of Destruction Beerus by chewing him out. One fan has decided to interpret Bulma as the newest prisoner of the Galactic Patrol!

Twitter User DetectiveX has drawn some fan art of Bulma slapping her into a Galactic Patrol prisoner uniform that makes her look much closer to her husband Vegeta than ever before:

As mentioned previously, Bulma hasn't always been on the sidelines on the Dragon Ball series, despite her complete lack of a power level. The genius technician has mostly supplied technology to the far less intelligent fighters that she surrounds herself with. Thanks in part to her short tempered attitude and strong will, she caught the eye of Vegeta during his initial time on earth and the two eventually had a son named Trunks and daughter Bulla in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super respectively.

Dragon Ball Jaco
(Photo: Funimation Productions)

Currently, the Galactic Patrol may not be able to swing the doors wide for Bulma's potential inception into the group, or perhaps as a prisoner, as they're struggling with the ancient wizard Moro and his terrifying plans for New Namek. Enlisting the aid of both Goku and Vegeta, Jaco and company have given the Saiyans new uniforms baring the Galactic Patrol symbol. Though nearly identical to their usual attire, it does make them unofficial members of the universal space force.

The Galactic Patrol can't quite match the ever increasing strength of the Saiyans and their companions, especially after they've been able to tap into "god level" ki powers, but they still manage to help every now and then, especially in the case of Moro.


What do you think of Bulma imagined as a prisoner of the Galactic Patrol? Will this be a self-fulfilling prophecy in the upcoming chapters of Dragon Ball Super? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Jaco!

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