'Dragon Ball Super' Teases Goku's Biggest Fight In History

To put simply, Goku has been in a lot of fights. When fans met the hero, his scrappy skills were innately honed, but Master Roshi took Goku to a whole new level. These days, the Saiyan is untouchable when it comes to power, but there is a fighter giving him a run for his money.

So, it isn't surprising to see Dragon Ball Super hyping Goku v Jiren as the franchise's biggest yet.

Last weekend, fans got a taste of what Dragon Ball Super is planning to do with Goku and Jiren's clash. The two went up against each other in an all-out match before Goku unlocked his perfect Ultra Instinct form. Episode 129 ended on a big cliffhanger which set up the duo's final fight, and the title of the show's upcoming episode makes its scale clear.

After all, episode 130 will be titled "An Unprecedented Super Showdown!!" If that is not intense, then what is?

Of course, the name of episode 130 isn't alone in hyping the pair's fight. Weekly Shonen Jump has been championing the ultimate battle for weeks now, and a recent issue did just that. Ahead of episode 129, the magazine went out of its way to characterize Goku and Jiren's long-awaited battle, and Weekly Shonen Jump said it would be one for the record books.

"Amidst the greatest clash in history, he finally arrives at the secret," the publication wrote, nodding to Goku's new form. "Goku has led the Universe 7 team and survived the "Tournament of Power"!! At last he faces the final supreme clash!!"

If Weekly Shonen Jump says this match is the franchise's biggest yet, fans have to go with it. After all, this is the same magazine which hyped Goku's fights with Freeza and Cell way back in the day.


With Goku having reached the final level of Ultra Instinct, fans are eager to see how the hero will fight Jiren. Many expect the Saiyan to knock the Pride Trooper from the Tournament of Power, but they aren't sure if Goku will be ringed out as well. For now, fans can only wait until the anime returns with episode 130 and brings Goku's hardest battle yet to an end.

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