New 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Character Bios May Tease A Whis Dilemma

The character bios for Dragon Ball Super: Broly offer a few hints at the movie's mysterious plot, [...]

The character bios for Dragon Ball Super: Broly offer a few hints at the movie's mysterious plot, including the possible dilemma Whis will face in the story.

Information on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film has been released in small doses over the last several months. Much of it has been confused by translation issues, as well as inferences and assumptions made by fans. This week, the Dragon Ball subreddit has condensed all of the confirmed news so far into one massive thread, including synopses, character bios, posters, trailers and teasers.

That centralized hub has allowed a few tidbits on the movie to finally go under the microscrope, including Whis' bio. Translators have noted that there is no particularly new information attached to the cheery yet indifferent celestial being. However, his bio does make note of a specific rule he is forced to obey.

As Whis is legitimately an angel, he is forbidden from taking part in any fights amongst gods or mortals. While he is obviously strong enough to train Beerus, Goku and Vegeta to untold new heights, he is now allowed to throw a single punch himself.

As this was noted specifically in the film's promotional materials, some cannot help but wonder how this law of nature will play into Dragon Ball Super: Broly. It is possiblie that for once, Whis might finally overcome his apparent apathy towards the fate of the universe and root for one side. For the first time, we could see a Whis who hates being confined to sidelines, wishing more than anything to get into the think of the brawl.

Some have speculated even further, wondering if Whis will actually break the cardinal rule of his kind and go head to head against Broly. If this is the case, Whis could face punishment from some kind of higher power such as Grand Zeno. That kind of self-sacrifice would be a nice development for a character like Whis, who has served primarily as a plot device and comedic relief throughout the series.

It seems all but certain that, in one way shape or form, Whis and Beerus will have a lot to do with the showdown between Broly and the other fighters. After all, the destroyer and his handler were first introduced when searching for a "Super Saiyan God," who he believed would be a worthy opponent.

Even after undergoing a massive transformation, Goku did not achieve a form that met Beerus' standards. To many fans, the description of a Super Saiyan God sounded eerily like Broly's origin as the Legendary Super Saiyan -- one who is chosen by destiny and far beyond the normal limits of their race.

Unfortunately, fans will simply have to wait a few months to learn for themselves. Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits theaters in Japan on Dec. 14. It is expected to reach the U.S. sometime in January of 2019.