‘Dragon Ball Super’ Honors Late Bulma Actress In Its Latest Episode

The anime community at large is still in mourning following the sudden passing of one of its own. Late last week, the voice actress of Bulma passed away after being found unresponsive in her car. The passing of Hiromi Tsuru has sent fans reeling, and Dragon Ball Super took a moment to honor the star with its latest episode.

If you happened to catch Dragon Ball Super’s 116th episode in Japan, you would have seen a small tag added to its credits. TV Tokyo aired a short message which paid tribute to Tsuru and her legacy within the Dragon Ball fandom.

You can read the episode’s tag tribute below:

“Hiromi Tsuru, who voiced Bulma over the years for the Dragon Ball series, passed away. We pray from the bottom of our hearts for spreading courage and kindness in many people's lives from their early years to adulthood.”


For those of you unfamiliar with Tsuru, the actress was a well-known talent within the anime industry. The star was known best for voicing Bulma over the years, but Tsuru also worked on popular series like Ranma 1/2 and even video game franchises like Metal Gear Solid.

According to current reports, Tsuru was found unresponsive in her car before being rushed to a hospital in Tokyo. The star was announced dead on arrival, and Tsuru’s agency released a statement revealing the cause of death to be aortic dissection. The actress’ family announced Tsuru would have a private funeral later this week, and our thoughts are with the star’s loved ones at this time.