Dragon Ball Super Teases Whether Goku, Vegeta Could Defeat Moro

Dragon Ball Super's manga has pit Goku and Vegeta against their strongest foe yet as Planet Eater Moro has not only stolen their energy but seemingly gets stronger with each new chapter of the series. But although he seems to be impossible to defeat no matter what Goku and Vegeta try, it seems that Moro is not exactly as powerful as has been shown. At least, that's what Goku and Vegeta believe.

In Chapter 49 of the series, the Grand Supreme Kai has restored Goku and Vegeta back to their full abilities. They're worried that Moro might get stronger, but they believe that now that they both have access to Super Saiyan Blue they will be able to defeat Moro once they get the chance.

After Moro attempts to devour the remaining energy out of New Namek, he dodges Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta's attacks by taking the battle to space. Merus devises a plan to bring Moro back down to the planet to fight, and he asks Goku and Vegeta whether or not they will be able to defeat him. Vegeta says that gimmicky techniques like the Grand Supreme Kai's sealing power was never going to work anyway, and re-affirms that they need brute force to win.

Goku agrees, but mentions that they have to fight Moro now because Moro is steadily getting stronger. Though Moro has successfully wished to be returned to his prime, the two of them reassure Merus that they are stronger than Moro. Vegeta says, "Naturally, magic aside, we are the stronger fighters. Just one of us at full power in Super Saiyan Blue could handle him."

But while Vegeta has a point, as the only reason they are in this situation to begin with is they weren't ready for Moro's energy draining techniques, Moro's tricky nature makes him a tough opponent. Though not as physically strong as them, he's proven time and time again through this arc that he doesn't need "brute force" to win. They might be stronger, and smarter now, but there's still too many unknowns to call this now.


It's sounding a lot like their usual Saiyan confidence, but that kind of talk has bitten them in the past. And with Moro's third wish still unexplained, he's got another plan brewing that Goku and Vegeta will have to contend with. Hopefully they're right, however.

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