Dragon Ball Super Teaser Reveals Goku's Promise to Vegeta

Goku is one of the most powerful fighters in all of Dragon Ball, and he knows it. When things get in a pinch, the hero has put it all on the line to defeat his enemy. Of course, Vegeta has done the same on his own time, but the latter has yet to surpass Goku in terms of strength. But thanks to a new promise, Vegeta will have the chance to settle the score with his latest opponent.

The whole thing came to light this week when Dragon Ball Super put out a new draft peek. The teaser in question showed off a few pages of chapter 76, and the pieces were wild. After all, Vegeta was shown fighting Granolah once more, and he made Goku promise to leave this fight to him.

After being knocked around by Granolah, Vegeta is saved by Goku out of nowhere once the latter recovered from his own battle. It seems Gohan's dad is ready to fight again, but Vegeta wants Goku to stay away. After all, he has a bone to pick, so he strikes a deal with Goku.

"Please," Vegeta says. "Let me do this alone."

Goku is not thrilled about this promise, but he knows how stubborn Vegeta can be. In fact, both men suffer from Saiyan pride, and that means they won't back down. Vegeta's tenacity outweighs Goku by a hair, and that is the reason why our hero chose to make the deal with Vegeta in the end.


Now, Dragon Ball fans have to wait and see how this promise plays out. Goku has told Vegeta he will stay out of the fight, but that could spell disaster. Fans are hoping Vegeta takes the win here, but the worst-case scenario ends in his death. This wouldn't be the first time Vegeta has died, but Dragon Ball Super has strayed away from the afterlife compared to Dragon Ball Z. So if you are feeling nervous for Vegeta, well - you aren't alone in that!

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