Dragon Ball Super Posts Draft of Chapter 86: Read

Dragon Ball Super is back at it again! Earlier today, the manga made good on its promise of dropping special content for readers. The series released a few drafts of chapter 86 to hype fans for Goku's latest confrontation with Gas, so you can check out the preview right now!

It won't be much longer before the full chapter goes live, but as usual, Dragon Ball Super posted a sneak peek of the update online. It was there fans caught up with Goku as he carried on his fight with Gas. If you are caught up with the arc, you will know the thug managed to power up at the end of chapter 85 despite Goku figuring out a new Ultra Instinct state. And according to this sneak peek, our hero is struggling against Gas.

As you can see above, the drafts show Gas letting his ki loose as well as some new powers. It seems the villain has somehow unlocked telekinesis, and he tries to strangle Goku as if he were Darth Vader with the Force. Of course, Goku managed to wriggle out of the hold, but Gas isn't done with the Saiyan just yet. He tells Goku he's feeling great thanks to his new power, but Gas makes it clear his energy boost comes at a deadly cost.

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Clearly, Goku has a ways to go before Gas is defeated, and there is still no guarantee he will defeat the thug. Granolah is the one who should take out the villain, but Gas' power levels have risen too high for the sniper to match. But just like Goku has shown, anyone can power up mid-battle with the right kind of motivation.

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