Here Are ‘Dragon Ball’s Most Recent Easter Eggs In One Image

Dragon Ball Super isn’t afraid of dropping a good easter egg, and the show has proved that as of late. Recently, the series has tipped its hats to all sorts of anime throwbacks, and one fan has collected (almost) all of them into a single image.

Over on Reddit, user Hidden Cloud CEO took one for the team and laid out all of Dragon Ball’s most recent easter eggs. The full image, which can be seen here, helps connect Akira Toriyama’s latest project with classic series like Sailor Moon, Naruto, and more.

Of course, Dragon Ball Super tapped into Toriyama’s past works for easter eggs. Fans could not miss the similarities between Kale and Broly thanks to the pair’s identical Super Saiyan forms. Other fighters from the Dragon Ball franchise also came in clutch as they inspired new fighters who signed up for the Tournament of Power.

As Roshi mentioned, Dragon Ball Super also nodded back to its original anime in a recent episode. An invisible fighter was pitted against Universe 7, and Roshi told his comrades to cover the fighter in paint - or blood - like Yamcha did way back when.

Dragon Ball Super also reached out of its comfort zone to highlight parallels. The Pride Troopers of Universe 11 were not-so-subtly compared to the Ginyu Force and Super Sentai heroes. Kamen Rider also helped inspired Katopesla and his ever-changing costumes.


While they may be a stretch, the infographic also notes how One Piece, Sailor Moon, Gurren Lagann, and Naruto filtered into Dragon Ball Super. The beloved shonen titles all share certain tropes, so it is hard to say whether Toriyama’s latest series took inspiration directly from contemporaries. Though, it is pretty hard to deny the fact that Jiren is the One Punch Man of Goku’s world.

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