‘Dragon Ball Super’ Will Soon See [SPOILER] Fight For Their Life

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super lie below!

With the Tournament of Power in swing, Dragon Ball Super is nearing the climax of its current saga. Universes 2 and 6 were just wiped from existence on the anime, and Universe 7 may get hit with some karma over the loss. Thanks to new synopses, fans know that Android 18 is about to have a hard time in the anime’s next episode.

Earlier today, new summaries for Dragon Ball Super went live in Animedia’s latest issue. Fans were able to translate the synopses online, and the magazine’s lengthy look at episode 119 has Android 18 fans biting their nails.

“Vegeta and Gohan are attacked by something they can't see, and nearly fall from the arena too. This something, which can be neither seen nor have its ki sensed, also surprise-attacks No. 18,” the new synopsis reads.

“It turns out to be Universe 4's invisible person Gamisaras, but No. 18 is not sure how to fight this invisible enemy.”

Fans of the android were already nervous for the anime’s new episode thanks to its preview. The reel showed Android 18 for a short moment, but it was Krillin who got fans upset. The martial artist was shown for a split-second standing up from his seat screaming, and fans knew Krillin would only get that worked up over Android 18.


Of course, Android 18 stands a good shot at surviving whatever the mysterious Universe 4 throws at her. Fans know the heroine is rather durable, and the Tournament of Power has strict rules against killing anyone. At worst, Android 18 may get ringed out of the event if Gamisaras gets the best of her, but that should be all. Krillin is known to overreact, so fans should brace themselves for Android 18’s husband to get protective should the heroine get eliminated.

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