Watch The Best Part Of ‘Dragon Ball Super’s Latest Episode

This week, Dragon Ball Super released one intense episode. The anime welcomed the holidays with a massive tag-team match that left fans hollering, and it is time you revisited one of its latest episode’s best moments.

If you are all caught up with Dragon Ball, then you know episode 121 followed Universe 7 as its team took on Universe 3. Goku’s squad went up against the fearsome Aniraza as the fusion made its debut, and Android 18 wound up getting axed because of the secret weapon.

Towards the episode’s end, fans could only watch as Aniraza revealed his final strategy. The massive creature sprouted wings, giving it a legal way to fly in light of the tournament’s harsh rules. Aniraza began to charge a massive energy blast that would destroy the arena everyone was fighting on, but Universe 7 was not about to let that happen.

As you can see above, Universe 7 brought its remaining warriors together for one epic tag-team match. Vegeta, Freeza, Gohan, Android 17, and Goku powered up into their highest forms to nip Aniraza in the bud. The reel sees each of the characters power up, and fans were quick to compare the epic sequence to one shojo fans know from Sailor Moon.


After all, just look at Freeza transform into Golden Freeza. There is no way Sailor Moon would be mad about his dramatic debut!

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