New Dragon Ball Fiscal Reports Proves the Anime Needs a Comeback ASAP

As June prepares to roll into gear, the 2020 fiscal year is coming to a close for so many, and that does include the house behind Dragon Ball. Toei Animation has finally released its full fiscal report which breaks down how lucrative the studio's TV shows have been. As it turns out, Dragon Ball is reigning as champ at Toei Animation, but the fiscal trend proves Goku needs a comeback ASAP if he wants to keep bringing in cash.

The fiscal chart went live from Toei Animation online, and Twitter user ArchedThunder broke it down for fans. It was there fans could see the kind of cash Dragon Ball was making in worldwide sales, and for the first time since 2013, the series declined in sales.

Dragon Ball went from making 19.94 billion yen in 2019 to making 19.87 billion yen this fiscal year. That might not be a major decline, but it is one to be certain. This decline comes a few years after the Dragon Ball Super anime ended and its first film debuted.

After a few years of no new content, Dragon Ball seems to be stagnating for Toei Animation as it verges on a decline. This is not true for Bandai Namco who is making more money from Dragon Ball games than ever. In the 2020 fiscal year, Dragon Ball earned 134.9 billion yen compared to the 129 billion from 2019. That is clear progress from Bandai Namco. But as the numbers show, that success is not matched by Toei Animation.


If these numbers show anything, it is that Toei Animation can afford to coast on no content for a couple more years, but that will only jade fans further. Dragon Ball has been begging for new content if the new arc in the manga has anything to say. A comeback would ensure a steep bump in sales for Toei Animation, so fans hope the company is developing a new series for Goku these days.

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