Dragon Ball Considered Giving Frieza's Race Hair and We're Horrified

Dragon Ball introduced the world to Frieza some decades ago, but the baddie is still thriving after all this time. In fact, when it comes to villains, Frieza is one of the most persistent in challenging Goku. Since the villain was created, a lot of information has gone live about Frieza's mysterious race, and it turns out that some of them have... hair?!

Okay, everybody brace yourselves. If you were certain all Frieza aliens were bald, think again. The fandom is geeking out now that a resurfaced sketch is circling social media, and the official art shows how Frost Demons look with hair.

The artwork is making the rounds online, and it hails from Dragon Ball Heroes. The concept art was released for the franchise's 5th birthday as part of an official mission book. For many fans, they overlooked the concept piece as Dragon Ball Heroes was barely known outside of Japan. But thanks to its promo anime, Dragon Ball Heroes is buzzed about worldwide.

As you can see above, the concept art showcases three different members of the Frieza race. To the left, we see a familiar alien rocking a bald round head and slim physique. The middle fighter looks similar overall, but they have additional armor on their body. From shoulder pads to horns and chest plates, this Frieza is ready for battle, but they pale in comparison to the last figure.

After all, the character on the right is looking fierce. The fighter is dressed in Frieza armor just like passed on to the Saiyans. In fact, you could mistake the figure for Frieza himself if it weren't for his mohawk. This Frost Demon has an actual mohawk and head of hair that few have ever imagined.

Clearly, Dragon Ball Heroes went the extra mile with this concept piece, and fans are loving it. In fact, there are some who even wish to see a mohawked Frieza jump into the main timeline. It is hard to imagine that ever happening, but stranger things have come true. But for now, Dragon Ball cosplayers better take note of this stunning Frieza warrior.

What do you think about this cursed take on Frieza's race? Should the villain have been given a head full of hair...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.