Did ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Tease An Android-Centric Fusion?

Dragon Ball fans love a good fusion, and it seems Dragon Ball Super is bringing the technique back [...]

Dragon Ball fans love a good fusion, and it seems Dragon Ball Super is bringing the technique back into style. The anime is working through the Tournament of Power, and Zeno did just confirm fusions are now allowed. However, fans are wondering if the show's latest episode was serious when it brought up an Android-centric fusion.

Dragon Ball Super's new episode saw the surviving universes come together once the Omni-Kings stated fusions were allowed in battle. Universe 7 put its heads together to figure out who should fuse, and the Kai had an interesting suggestion about Android 17 and 18.

"How about having No. 17 and No. 18 use them," the god questioned. "From now one we can call them No. 35!"

While the suggestions was met with resistance by Krillin, Beerus was all for the fusion. The God of Destruction felt the siblings would have lots of natural compatibility since they are twins, but Whis was quick to caution the fusion. The angel did note fusions are risky since two fighters could be knocked out at once if the fusion gets eliminated, so Beerus decided Universe 7 would hold off on fusions for the moment.

However, it is still very possible the pair could come together later on during the Tournament.

Dragon Ball has yet to fuse the twin Androids together, but there is some precedent for the merge in Dragon Ball Fusions. The game includes a fusion known as Android 1718, and the character is the result of an EX-Fusion of the siblings. The fused fighter is said to be stronger than a Super Saiyan, so Dragon Ball Super would gain an even more powerful fusion if it brought the Androids together. A Potara fusion is much more powerful than an EX-Fusion, so fans may just get to see Android 35 become a reality soon enough.

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