Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Resurrects The Mother Of Goku, Gine

While the latest feature length film in the Dragon Ball Super series gave us the first in continuity appearances of Broly and Gogeta, it also gave us our first look into the life of the mother of Goku in Gine, and one cosplayer has been able to resurrect the Saiyan warrior and wife of Bardock in some pitch perfect cosplay. Though we still don't know a lot about Gine's back story and how she was as a mother to both Goku and Raditz, we're crossing our fingers that at some point in the future of the franchise her past will be explored.

In the latest movie of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we witness a time before the destruction of the Planet Vegeta as Bardock and Gine say goodbye to their second son, Kakarot, jettisoning him off the planet in a bid to save him from the assault of Freeza. As we know from the previous Dragon Ball Z special that followed the life of Bardock, the father of Goku made a last stand against the alien despot but was ultimately unsuccessful in his bid to save his race, with Gine being killed in the process as well (or so we've been led to believe throughout the years).

Instagram Cosplayer Naomi.Moonz shared this impressive cosplay that shows off some pitch perfect attire in resurrecting the mother of Goku, who we got a glimpse of in the latest movie for the Akira Toriyama franchise in Dragon Ball Super: Broly:

With the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes unafraid of diving into the pass and bringing back old characters, perhaps Gine's return might take place in the future of the anime!

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