New 'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers Have Fans Worried About Gohan

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is approaching a thrilling ending, and fans are feverish [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is approaching a thrilling ending, and fans are feverish with anticipation to see who comes out on top in the final battle between Universes 7 and 11! However, the latest batch of Dragon Ball Super spoilers have made it increasingly hard to believe that Universe 7 can even win this fight - and this new episode synopses is giving us even more doubt!

As you can see below, the synopsis for episode 124 has fans worried that Gohan is about to be eliminated from the fight! Here's what we learn from the Weekly Shonen Jump:

"A Stormy, Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!!

Gohan's in big trouble! What's his comeback strategy?!

Gohan helps out Freeza in his fierce battle against Universe 11's Dyspo. The two are at the mercy of Dyspo's light-speed movement?!"

In our breakdown of how Universe 7 can win the Tournament of Power, we pointed out how it all comes down to the elimination order. We figured that a combined effort from Freeza and Gohan would stop Dyspo, and that Gohan's Saiyan strength would be part of the effort to stop Toppo in his new God of Destruction state.

However, now Universe 7's chances at winning seem more bleak than ever. We know Freeza is about to pull a double-cross, and whether it works or not, he likely won't be part of the effort to bring Universe 7 victory. If Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren are all still in the fight at that point, then Gohan may get one of them (Dyspo), but will probably lose to other.

If it comes down Goku and Vegeta (and all their new power-ups) vs. Jiren and Toppo (and their own impressive powerups), then that would be a worthy final match - just not one that Universe 7 will win.

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