Could Goku Defeat Superman? Dragon Ball Star Weighs In

If there is one thing anime fans like to do, it is to imagine who their favorite fighter could wipe the floor with. All sorts of battles have been pitched over the years, and many superheroes have been pitted against Goku in that time. After all, Dragon Ball fans want to know just how strong the Saiyan is, and now one of the anime's top stars is weighing in on whether Goku could take down Superman in a fight. 

Recently, IGN spoke with the English dub voice of Goku, and Sean Schemmel was asked whether the hero could take on Superman. According to him, the long and short answers to whether Goku could win are yes.

"Yes is the short answer," the actor shared. "The long answer is yes: Goku is a god. There are two scenarios where this would occur: if Earth is not in trouble, Goku would ask Superman to get close to the sun and get [as] charged up as possible, and then he'd fight him. But if Earth was in danger, he would fight him as long as he could but then, probably, if he wasn't having any success, he would probably just Instant Transmission Superman to a planet without a yellow sun – and then he would lose all his powers and Goku would win."

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However, the actor went on to give Goku space for a surprise loss. Schemmel says he's read a number of articles breaking down Superman's weaknesses and how they revolve around magic and kryptonite. Goku technically wields ki which is a type of spiritual energy, so the jury is out on whether it could even hurt Superman. But even if the hero is invulnerable to Goku's Kamehameha blasts, Schemmel seems confident the hero could outsmart the Justice League icon.

Of course, we will never know the real answer to this question as Goku and Superman are universes away from one another. Toei Animation is keeping the Saiyan busy ahead of its new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. But if DC Comics ever wants to pitch a crossover, we know fans would tune in!

What do you think about the Dragon Ball actor's take here? Do you believe Goku could take down Superman? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB