'Dragon Ball Super' Just Previewed Goku And Jiren's Rematch

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super lie below!

If there is one thing Dragon Ball fans can’t stop talking about, it is Goku’s first face-off with Jiren. The pair finally fought one another this month, but the battle ended with Goku looking worse for wear. However, thanks to a new trailer, fans know Goku isn’t giving up on his grudge against Jiren - not be a long shot.

Earlier this week, fans of Dragon Ball Heroes were in for a surprise when a trailer for the franchise’s newest installment dropped. The clip sees Goku going Super Saiyan 4 against some unsavory villains, but it was the hero’s fight with Jiren that had fans shook.

While the video game isn’t part of the franchise's canon, Dragon Ball Heroes has been known to include canonical anime clips during its theatrical cutscenes. So, fans were quick to pay attention when Goku was seen fighting Jiren in this latest trailer whilst in his Ultra Instinct form.

Fans know the footage shown is not from Goku’s first fight with Jiren thanks to his clothing; The Saiyan is seen fighting the Universe 11 warrior with his uniform totally ripped, and the pair are also duking it out with a new set of moves. Jiren and Goku are seen fighting in mid-air as they send an array of punches at one another.

Towards the trailer’s end, fans are given another ominous shot of Goku. The hero is seen in a close-up as he enters the Ultra Instinct form, and the Saiyan looks like he means business.

Right now, there is no word on when Goku will get to have his rematch with Jiren; None of the currently released synopses for Dragon Ball Super hint at the pair reuniting in battle, but Dragon Ball Heroes has given fans a first-look at the second fight. And, if this footage tells the fandom anything, it is that the rematch will be fire.


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