Monica Rial Reveals Why She Wouldn’t Get Along With Goku

Monica Rial, voice actress behind Dragon Ball Super's Bulma, says she wouldn't get along with Goku if the Saiyan warrior were real.

"I think that I would probably have to kick Goku in the gonads, because he's a lovable guy, but oh my gosh there is more to life than training," Rial told

"How about you go home, spend some time with your son, and your granddaughter, and your wife?" Rial said. "You know, just five seconds! That's all we're asking, Goku."

"Before Super, I would have said Vegeta because he is such a jerk! You know what I mean?" Rial admitted of Bulma's arrogant husband.

"And there's nothing you could do, and there was no niceties between he and Bulma really at all, but now in Super, they've kind of played on that relationship and you see like the little moments where she'll steal a kiss or he'll say something sweet, so it's like okay, now I'm okay with Vegeta."


"Now Goku's gonna die," Rial joked. "No, I'm kidding!"

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