Dragon Ball Super Star Pens Special Tribute to Goku: Read

Dragon Ball Super is taking over headlines these days, and we have its big comeback to thank. The anime will return to theaters with a new movie next month, and all eyes are on Goku in celebration. Of course, that attention doubled this week when Goku Day came around, and the fandom holiday even sparked a special tribute from the character's voice actor.

The note came over on Twitter courtesy of Sean Schemmel, the English dub voice behind Son Goku. It was there the Dragon Ball actor posted a little tribute to the Saiyan in honor of his special day.

"Happy Goku Day everyone! May your day be filled with strong fighters, lots of great food and senzu beans! Dragon Ball fans are the real GOATS," he wrote.

Clearly, there are few fans are dedicated to Goku as Schemmel, and he was joined by thousands online to celebrate Goku Day this week. After all, the holiday only comes once a year, and May 9th marks the occasion. For those unfamiliar with Goku Day, the fandom event began years ago with Japanese netizens. The date in particular was chosen because 5/9 can be read as 'Go' and 'Ku' in Japanese.

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Over the years, Toei Animation and Shueisha have adopted Goku Day as a full-on celebration, and it never fails to go viral. Schemmel proved as much with his own tribute this year. And as Goku nears his big-screen comeback, Dragon Ball Super fans can expect the Saiyan to take over social media before much longer!

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