Dragon Ball Debuts an New Supreme Kai with Special Promo

It has been decades since Dragon Ball introduced its first Kai to fans. The deities have since become a mainstay in the franchise, and Goku often finds himself training under the gods more often than not. Nowadays, fans have met tons of Kai over the years, and it seems like new ones are still being introduced. After all, some deities have to watch over the whole multiverse, and a new character bio has introduced Dragon Ball fans to one of these bigger Kai. 

The update comes from Dragon Ball Heroes directly as the wild series is prepping a new arc. If you did not know the arcade game-turned-anime has a new saga on the horizon. The coming spring will welcome several new characters to the series, and one such addition includes Aios, a former Supreme Kai. In fact, the deity used to be the Supreme Kai of Time before Chronoa took over the position, and it seems Aios is ready to return to the franchise.

For those unfamiliar with the Supreme Kai of Time, the position is a rather important one. Dragon Ball says that the Kai who holds the position is in charge of watching the flow of time within the whole cosmos. This means any distortion must be checked out lest the multiverse gets ripped apart, and Chronoa has run into several issues since taking up the mantle. It seems likely Aios had their own issues, and fans aren't quite sure whether the character is returning on good or bad terms.

Aios will not be the only newcomer joining Dragon Ball Heroes in this new arc. The anime has confirmed a new Namekian is joining the roster, but his identity is being kept a secret for now. Some believed Demon King Piccolo is behind the hood courtesy of some timey-wimey shenanigans, so you cannot count the long-dead villain out. But for now, fans will have to keep on guessing until Dragon Ball kicks off this new arc in March. 

What do you make of this new Kai's debut and design? Does Dragon Ball need to dedicate more time to these deities and their training? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.