Dragon Ball Shows How Far Piccolo and Krillin Have Fallen

Super Dragon Ball Heroes gives us stories that would have otherwise gone untold in the main series of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super, and unfortunately for the likes of Krillin and Piccolo, it shows us just how far these two non-Saiyan warriors have fallen in terms of power levels. During the Tournament of Power, we got to see the Namekian and human Z-Fighters use their skills and power to assist in Universe 7 taking home the victory and even in the Moro Arc, we've been given a look into how their power is helpful to the survival of the world, but the spin-off tells a different tale!

In the most recent episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the second season has marched forward with an all out brawl taking place between Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus as the two Saiyan warriors attempt to stop the God of Destruction from destroying the Earth. With Xeno Trunks joining the fight, everyone is interrupted by the mad scientist named Fu, touting his new "Universe Tree" that he will attempt to use to re-writer history and change the universe to his whim. With the Universe Tree sapping energy from all those in West City, only Piccolo and Krillin are brought low by the mystical plant while the other fighters feel nothing.

Piccolo himself is far above and beyond Krillin, having absorbed the likes of Nail and Kame during his time in the Dragon Ball series and reaching levels far beyond that of a Super Saiyan. While Krillin himself proved somewhat useful in the Tournament of Power, it's clear that he has a long way to go to reach the level of power of the other Z Fighters that aren't 100% human.


Dragon Ball Super has done a fine job of putting the spotlight on characters that don't have Saiyan blood running through their veins, but they haven't offered a way for these supporting characters to bridge the gap when it comes to their power levels versus the power levels of the likes of Goku and Vegeta. With the second episode of the second season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes once again showing how behind Krillin and Piccolo are, perhaps we'll see them get power ups during this series, or the main franchise, at some point in the future!

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