'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Hit's Brand-New Power

Dragon Ball Super’s TV show may have ended, but the series as a whole hasn’t died out just yet. In a few months, Toei Animation will revive the series on the big screen with a canon film, and Shueisha isn’t slacking either. The publisher is still doling out chapters of Dragon Ball Super, and the manga’s latest update gave a big gift to Hit.

So, spoilers below!

If you didn’t know, Dragon Ball Super released its 35th chapter over the weekend. The update can be found on Viz Media for free, and fans were quick to browse through the thrilling chapter as it went through the Tournament of Power. This time around, the chapter focused on Hit as the Universe 6 assassin went up against Jiren, and it was there the fighter unveiled a brand-new power of his.

As you can see above, Hit unlocks a new power which is called Toki-Zurashi in Japanese. Translated as Time-Shift in English, the move may sound familiar to anime lovers. According to the manga, the attack cuts off Jiren’s time singularly as it flows regularly for everyone else. The technique makes Jiren move much slower than he normally does, so it sounds like this attack is the manga equivalent of Hit’s Cage of Time.

In the anime, you will recall that Hit used a very similar move to this against Jiren in the tournament. After having used Time-Skip a whole bunch, Hit could put a time cage on opponents by touching them. The so-called cage puts them in a solo time loop that constantly refreshes itself. The feedback immobilizes whoever it is working on, but Jiren was able to overcome the Cage of Time thanks to his fortified mind.


So far, the biggest difference between the two moves comes down to how they are performed. Cage of Time had more requirements which needed to be met in order to work. Time-Shift seems to be a streamlined version of the anime move, and fans can only assume the switch was made to keep the manga’s pacing as brisk as ever.

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