‘Dragon Ball’ Reveals Why Jiren Doesn't Fight Much In The Tournament Of Power

If you are caught up with Dragon Ball Super, then you know the Tournament of Power is more than [...]

If you are caught up with Dragon Ball Super, then you know the Tournament of Power is more than halfway over. The event has just 15-minutes left to go, but Jiren has yet to fight anyone after he took on Goku. Fans have wondered why Jiren refrains from fighting the rest of the tournament's fighters, but they don't need to guess any longer.

After all, the manga just gave fans a surprising explanation for Jiren's self-control.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super released its 30th chapter, and the massive update revealed a lot of new details about Jiren. Toyotaro's new release focuses in part on Jiren to give the Pride Trooper an origin, and the fighter's reaction to the Tournament of Power is a hesitant one.

When Jiren is told by Toppo they must speak, the fighter refuses and says the talk can wait until they have freed the people of a city they're in. After Jiren learns about the tournament, he refuses to join because he wants to continue protecting his universe from within.

"If we lose this match, there won't be a universe left to defend," Toppo reminds Jiren, but it seems the Pride Trooper will not be swayed.

"Then that is the fate of our universe," Jiren says. "I'm not about to save our own universe at the cost of having others be erased."

In the end, Belmod is able to convince Jiren to take part by tantalizing him with a wish. The fighter wants a mysterious wish granted, and Jiren learns he can see it come true if he acquires the Super Dragon Balls. However, Jiren is not willing to foresake his morals during the tournament over a wish. The fighter lets his Universe 11 teammates handle the event until they encounter an opponent they cannot beat. It is only then Jiren will step in, and fans saw that much happen when Goku started showing off his true power.

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