Dragon Ball Art Imagines How Buu Would Look After Absorbing Beerus

Dragon Ball fans have seen Majin Buu do some crazy things, but they never imagined what might [...]

Dragon Ball fans have seen Majin Buu do some crazy things, but they never imagined what might happen if the baddie were to try and absorb Beerus. After all, the God of Destruction was not around when Buu was going around and absorbing people for power. The alien is far less destructive these days, but fans do wonder what might have happened if Buu tried to absorb a God of Destruction, so one artist decided to mock up the scenario.

And as you can guess, the concept art is pretty horrifying. The impressive work was penned by Year & Soon Twins Art over on Instagram. The user yeak_looi posted the Dragon Ball piece, and you can see the creepy version of Buurus below. Just, don't say we didn't warn you!

The artwork is done in the style of a manga with Buu sending some pink goop towards Beerus. The God of Destruction is caught unaware by the gunk which absorbs him. When Buu brings the goo back to him and ingests it, the baddie is turned into a God of Destruction with a twist.

As you can tell, Beerus and Buu mesh together seamlessly in this form, but the God of Destruction is covered in pink. The god's purple coloring is gone, and there are some more changes added. For instance, this form gives Buurus a very long appendage which falls back from its head, and Beerus' ears are replaced with protruding caverns. When you add in Buu's pants and skin vents, this take on Beerus x Buu is downright scary, and we're plenty happy to keep this form out of the canon. After all, it seems unlikely that Buu could beat Beerus when Goku took the pink baddie down, but who knows? Crazier things have taken place in the franchise, that is for sure!

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