Dragon Ball Super Sees Moro Hit With a Major Handicap

As the villainous Moro has solidified himself as a heavy hitting villain within the roster of the antagonists of the Dragon Ball Super series, it seems as if the Z Fighters have gotten a much needed leg up in their battle against the nefarious sorcerer as the energy absorbing villain has suffered a major handicap! With the previous chapter seeing Merus enter the fight once again with the renegade angel brought to the war thanks in part to the involvement of the God of Destruction Beerus and his right hand man Whis at the dire moment.

Warning! If you have yet to catch up on the latest manga chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we will be venturing into spoiler territory so you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

Following Moro's defeat of Goku in his first level of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta wielding the new techniques he learned on the Planet Yardrat, the ancient wizard was on top of the world. Absorbing the power of his henchman OG73-1, Moro was able to not only receive an insane power boost, but also have the ability to absorb the powers of opponents that he was able to grab by the throat. With the arrival of Merus, it seems that the tables have turned and a big ace up the sleeve of the villain has been destroyed.

Dragon Ball Super Moro
(Photo: Viz Media)

During their fight, Merus has taken the opportunity to access his angelic powers, allowing him to easily dismantle Moro and destroy the "gems" embedded in his body which grant him the ability to permanently copy the powers of his enemies. This new energy boost for Merus came with a heavy cost however, as the angelic power up also resulted in the renegade angel's death, as he began to disappear from the environment.


Though Moro still has an insanely high power level, his ability to copy the powers of others is now gone, giving the Z Fighters a big leg up. Not only does Goku now have a far better chance of defeating Moro in a one on one fight thanks to loss of his copying power, but the death of Merus has resulted in Son seemingly accessing the final form of Ultra Instinct to boot.

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