Dragon Ball Super Reveals Whis' Secret Plot to Stop Moro

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter has finally answered a question that fans have had since the latest arc began. New villain Moro has been a threat to the gods themselves since ancient times, and so it's seemed like only a god could, in turn, step up to defeat him. When both Goku and Vegeta proved unable to rise to the task, fans started wondering: would Lord Beerus intervene in this dire conflict against Moro? The Destroyer god isn't known for his altruism, so it was hard to pinpoint what - if anything - could make him intervene against Moro. Well, as it turns out, the help Goku and the Z-Fighters needed came from Whis!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 SPOILERS Follow!

Goku and Piccolo were critically wounded by Moro, and the rest of the Z-Fighters were similarly decimated by the evil sorcerer, whose power is unmatched in his final, fused, form. The only save that Goku and co get is the last-minute intervention of Merus, the elite Galactic Patrolman who is actually an angel (in training). But as we learn in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63, Merus' impetuous actions aren't his alone - he got help from this "big brother," Whis!

While Merus is busy distracting Moro in battle, Whis teleports Goku and the Z-Fighters a safe distance away, where Dende can heal them. During that process, Whis plays it off to Beerus like he "accidentally" left Merus behind to fight - not that Beerus cares. He's just annoyed at having to once again intervene to save Goku's life. Beerus departs from the battlefield, considering his job done.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 63 Beerus Whis Merus vs Moro
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

However, Whis is far craftier than that. The angel knows that Merus will eventually have to manifest his true angelic power to hold his own against Moro - an act that is a strict violation of Angelic Law. When Merus manifests that angelic power, it's a beacon that Beerus quickly senses. It's then that the God of Destruction realizes Whis' scheme: as the angel is his subordinate, Merus' violation of Angelic Law will make Grand Preist come down on Beerus. That consequence convinces Beerus to return to the battle with Moro, to ensure that Merus doesn't cause him any trouble.


Whis' plan ultimately works - but not without sacrifice. Even though Whis and Beerus rush back to the battle, it's too late. Merus' sacrifices himself battling Moro, as his violation of Angelic Law erases him from existence. But, by seeing his latest teacher die, Goku is finally able to master Ultra Instinct, and can now presumably defeat Moro, and save the galaxy.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.