Dragon Ball Super Shares Tease for Next Major Arc

Dragon Ball always has something up its sleeve, so it should come as no surprise that 2022 is keeping up the tradition. In a few months, the franchise will bring a new movie to theaters, and Dragon Ball Super is still wowing fans monthly with its manga. Of course, this means fans are eager to see where the latter goes throughout the year, so they'll be pleased to get an update on its next big arc.

Of course, we have little information about the new arc right now. Fans got an update on the whole promise when Dragon Ball put out a new video with Victory Uchida, a manga mascot dedicated to the series. It was there fans were told a new arc is coming for the Dragon Ball Super manga this year, but we don't know much else beyond that.

Right now, the manga is finishing its arc with Granolah, and this same interview confirmed its story was just about done. The arc still has a "massive turn of events" to introduce, but Goku will work through it somehow. After all, a new arc has been confirmed for 2022, and fans expect it to go live no earlier than this summer.

Now, Dragon Ball Super fans are left to speculate what this arc might be about, and plenty of them have their own pitches. From the demon realm to Cell's revival, there are a lot of proposals floating around the fandom. There is no doubt creator Akira Toriyama has nailed down a plot with Toyotaro, so it is just a matter of time before they spill the beans. So until then, readers better strap in as Granolah's arc will begin ramping up soon.

And if the manga isn't your speed, well – Dragon Ball Super has you covered in 2022. After all, the anime is making its comeback with a new movie this April. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero promises to thrust Gohan into the spotlight alongside some mysterious androids and the Red Ribbon Army. The movie will debut in Japan this spring, but no stateside premiere has been announced as of yet. 

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