Dragon Ball Super Reveals One of Its Most Brutal Kills

Dragon Ball hasn't feared the reaper in a long time, but most of its heroes find a way to come [...]

Dragon Ball hasn't feared the reaper in a long time, but most of its heroes find a way to come back to life. Still, there are villains who kick the bucket for real after killed, and they have gone out in horrifying ways. In fact, those villains have even caused deaths that have made fans cringe, and Moro is the most recent baddie to make readers squirm after he brutally killed one of his most loyal fighters.

The whole ordeal went down in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. The release went live with Goku back on Earth, and he is ready to keep Moro from eating his planet. That will be a tall order given how strong the baddie is, and that becomes apparent when Goku is forced to battle Moro's soldier Saganbo.

The dedicated soldier wants nothing more than to prove his worth to Moro, and the baddie lets him. He even gives the man more power to fight with, and Goku is left to fight the lackey in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Even at this point, Saganbo is difficult to keep down, and it gets worse after Moro injects his follower with even more energy... but that gift turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing.

"Moro!! His body's hit its limit!! You gotta stop pumping him with energy," Goku tells the villain.

In the end, Moro pumps Saganbo with too much power that it deforms the fighter. Before long, Saganbo is killed by being overcharged, and he kind of explodes. The gnarly scene shows liquid spewing from Saganbo's mouth and skin before he's left in a pool of blood.

"I have no friends - those were my soldiers. They may be gone, but I can always collect more," Moro says about the death with a shrug.

Clearly, Moro has a superiority complex like none other, and he doesn't mind culling his own members regardless of their loyalty. Goku has more reason to kill Moro than ever before, and we really cannot blame him.

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