'Dragon Ball Super' Commercial Reveals Bulma's New Voice Actress

Dragon Ball Super will be coming an end soon, and fans have been curious whether Bulma will return to the show before it wraps. Questions about the comeback began late last year after the voice actress for Bulma suddenly passed, leaving the series without anyone to play the fan-favorite character.

However, thanks to a new commercial, fans know a new actress has been tasked with playing Bulma. Well, for the meantime at least.

Over on Twitter, Amazon Japan caught the attention of Dragon Ball fans with an odd post. The site shared a new commercial promoting the franchise's collaboration with a cleaning product. The reel, which can be seen below, shows Vegeta and Bulma battling their latest enemy: mold.

As you can see, the video starts with Vegeta boasting after he tells Bulma he no longer has any enemies. Bulma corrects him, reminding her husband the tub poses the pair a threat with its mildew. Vegeta tries to clean the bathroom at first with a devastating energy blast, but Bulma says he should use this special cleaning spray instead.

The whacky commercial is just one of dozens Dragon Ball has done, but this one is rather special. It highlights a new voice actress playing Bulma for the first time since Hiromi Tsuru died. While the new actress does a great impression of Tsuru's Bulma, fans were able to spot the difference. In fact, it seems fans were even able to suss out the star behind the gig.

Japanese fans say the way Bulma speaks in the commercial points at her being voiced by Aya Hisakawa. The actress is a well-known one in the anime world as she's voiced major roles in the past. Fans will know Hisakawa best for playing Sailor Mercury, Kero, Skuld, Unohana, and more. The actress has even worked with Dragon Ball before as she voiced a characted name Chiko in Dragon Ball Z years ago.

Toei Animation has yet to confirm whether Hisakawa is the actress behind this new commercial. There is also no word on whether the newcomer will voice Bulma permanently now or if the job was a simple one-off.


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