Slick Dragon Ball Cosplay Gives Piccolo Genderbent Makeover

Ever since he was introduced as the final villain of the original Dragon Ball series, Piccolo has been an integral part of the franchise as a whole. Vegeta's journey from villain to anti-hero to full on Earth protector might get more attention from fans, but Piccolo went on that very same journey and arguably had a more involved evolution in terms of his relationships to other characters. He might not be one of the strongest fighters anymore (that's beginning to change with the latest arc of the series), but his transformation from evil demon to loving father figure is still compelling years later.

But while he's changed a ton on the inside in terms of his emotional openness, stability, and power granted from fusion, Piccolo has never really explored looks outside of his standard purple and white get up. Unlike his compatriots, Piccolo is a simple fighter with a simple look that continues to work through the years. Yet, it'd be fun if he shook up his look every once in a while.

Artist @natylikespizza (who you can find on Instagram here) does just that with a fun femme take on the popular Namekian dad that imagines a Piccolo that would be pretty fierce in the official series. It does just go to show how well Piccolo is designed that the character still stands out from the pack amongst all of the fighters introduced through the series thus far. Check it out:

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Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been a huge hit with fans because it's not only new material that wasn't seen in the anime series, but because it's giving characters like Piccolo a ton more agency in the fight. Hearkening back to Dragon Ball Z sagas in which the entire Z-Fighter crew were involved in the battles, fans are hoping this means all the characters (Piccolo especially) get a power boost in order to fight alongside the increasingly godly Goku and Vegeta like the old days. But what do you think?


How do you feel about Piccolo's journey through the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole? How does he rank in terms of the series' dads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!