Will A 'Dragon Ball Super' Revival Be Announced at Jump Festa?

Dragon Ball Super ending its anime run earlier this year was just as much of a surprise to fans as [...]

Dragon Ball Super ending its anime run earlier this year was just as much of a surprise to fans as when the series was first announced. Ever since then, fans have been clamoring for the franchise to make a big anime return.

Though the year has seen many rumors about a potential new Dragon Ball anime, the fervor has been building toward a potential reveal during Jump Festa 2019. But will that happen? Will we see a new Dragon Ball anime announced later this week?

As noted by @BigEmperorD on Twitter, the current rumors swirling around Shueisha's big Jump Festa convention (a convention celebrating Shueisha's Shonen Jump properties while also promoting future projects) is that potentially a new Dragon Ball anime could be revealed during the convention with a potential premiere in Spring or Summer of next year. All rumors should be taken with a healthy amount of salt, but this would definitely be a dream come true for fans.

Whether or not there's a full announcement of a new Dragon Ball anime during the convention, a new anime for the franchise would make a good deal of sense. Unlike when Toei Animation produced the wholly original Dragon Ball GT, Super was produced with oversight from original creator Akira Toriyama. Though Toriyama is mostly done with writing for the franchise all on his own, Super proved that the series could continue in a way that would please Toriyama, Toei, and fans.

Super came to an admittedly truncated end this past March, and because of this, fans felt there were tons of potential story threads left on the table with the introduction of a multiverse, Gods and Angels, and plenty more. This only became more noticeable when Dragon Ball Super: Broly was confirmed to take place after the events of the Super. On top of this, the manga version of the series has begun a brand new arc after the events of the movie and the series. Much like with the Dragon Ball Z films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, a new anime series has a few stories to mine should Super ever return.

On top of these elements, Dragon Ball Super: Broly has debuted at number one at the box office for its opening weekend and tons of merchandise from the franchise has been sold ever since Dragon Ball Super began in 2015. Toei would be leaving money just sitting on the table, but in that same breath, there are also a ton of potential other hurdles that could keep a new Dragon Ball anime at bay behind the scenes. Doing it is not as easy as saying it.

As for the timing of the announcement, Jump Festa 2019 would be a fantastic time to announce a Super revival (especially after the success of Broly), but there's no guarantee that even if there were a new anime series coming that it would necessarily be announced then. Still, fans will be keeping an eye on news from Japan when Jump Festa 2019 takes place December 22-23. We here at ComicBook.com certainly will be.

What do you think? Will we see a Dragon Ball Super revival announced at Jump Festa? Will the new anime even be titled Super, or will it be titled something else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!