‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers Confirm The Next Universe To Get Axed

Things are coming down to the wire on Dragon Ball Super. The anime is more than halfway done with the Tournament of Power, but a handful of universes are still left. Now, a set of new spoilers have confirmed the next team to go, and it is one fans called way back.

So, yes - Universe 3 is about to bite the dust. You can act like you are surprised.

This week, Weekly Shonen Jump will published its latest issue. Several scanned pages of the release seem to have hit the Internet, and translators turned around the issue’s synopsis of episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super. You can read the spoiler-friendly summary of “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!” below:

“Vegeta attacks the strongest warrior, Jiren! Only warriors from Universes 7 and 11 remain at the Tournament of Power! Vegeta challenges Jiren to battle in Goku's stead…!”

There you have it. Once episode 121 wraps, the only fighters left in the Tournament of Power will be from Universe 7 and Universe 11. Paparoni’s plan for his weapon Aniraza will not make the gang stumble, and the event will narrow down its remaining fighters from there.


Of course, the new synopsis also has fans eyeing Vegeta carefully. The Saiyan is about to challenge a fighter who fans know is stronger than him. When Jiren gets serious, he is in a class higher than Goku, but that fact will not deter Vegeta. If the Saiyans wants to prove himself and maybe tap into Ultra Instinct, then he will need to break past his own limitations. Fighting Jiren is just one way Vegeta can maybe do that.

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