Dragon Ball Super Promo Sparks Debate About Broly's Kids

Dragon Ball Super fans have their favorite characters, and there is no denying Broly tops that list for many of them. The Saiyan's fame has only grown following his canon debut in 2018, and Broly is ready to mount a comeback with the anime's new film. And thanks to fans, well – it seems a new theory has cropped up about Broly and his… kids?!

Or to be specific, they're curious about the size of their family. The friends were rather cozy in the anime's last film, and a group of theories suggests Cheelai and Broly might have a kid now.

Before you decide on this theory, you should know the basics. The whole thing went live when Anime Japan welcomed a new promo for Dragon Ball Super, and it featured Cheelai. The green alien was featured with Broly although they weren't side by side. While the Saiyan looks confused on his end, Cheelai looks please enough and looks to be carry a bag of sorts.

As you can see above, the bag is being held close to Cheelai's chest, and her posture has raised red flags with fans. Plenty of fans were quick to speculate the bag was really some sort of harness or blanket for a baby. After all, Cheelai is close with Broly, and she is one of the few people who understands his gentle nature. Broly responded to Cheelai in a way he's never done before, so of course, netizens were quick to piece together a theory about the pair shacking up.

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However, it seems most Dragon Ball Super fans are decidedly against this theory despite its quick rise. Cheelai does seem to be holding a simple bag in the high-resolution images of the promo. It has a tie at the top and everything, after all. There's always a very small chance a kid could be hiding inside, but most fans are inclined to believe Cheelai has stashed food in the sack. So for now, it seems the former soldier can enjoy a childfree life.

What do you think of this latest fan theory? Do you believe Dragon Ball Super is giving Broly a full-on family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.