Why Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Got Delayed

Dragon Ball Super put fans on edge this year when it was announced its big movie had run into a hurdle. Despite eyeing a spring release, the film was recently pushed back well into the summer. Of course, fans were informed the break had to do with Toei Animation's run-in with hackers, and a new report is breaking down how exactly the intruders caused the schedule shift.

For those who do not know, Dragon Ball Super originally intended for its new film to go live on April 22nd in Japan before making a global release later in the summer. However, this was all changed at the last minute thanks to Toei Animation. The production company told fans Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero would be indefinitely delayed weeks out from its premiere, but it secured a June 2022 debut recently enough.

Throughout this release drama, fans were told the delay stemmed from Toei Animation's recent run-in with hackers. The studio informed the public it was targeted by a hack this spring, and at the time, an investigation was launched into what happened. Meanwhile, a slew of Toei Animation TV series like One Piece were put on hiatus. After the shows with bumped, news came that Dragon Ball Super's film was being pushed back as well, and the studio has confirmed the hack spurred the decision thanks to its ransomware.

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According to Toei Animation's official report, the hack was made possible after an employee downloaded the software onto their laptop for work. The file was laced with ransomware, and once the virus was activated, parts of the studio's "service and PCs" had their contents encrypted. This meant the studio could not access finished content for One Piece, Precure, Digimon, Dragon Ball Super, and more.

This dilemma obviously needed to be handled with care, so Toei Animation acted conservatively by delaying projects tied to the anime series hit in this hack. Luckily, it seems the studio dealt with the ordeal without losing any content or divulging personal info. So despite a solid delay, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is ready to shine when it hits the big screen. 

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