Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Director Shares New Gohan and Piccolo Art

Dragon Ball Super is ready to tackle its next era, and at last, it seems the franchise is going to give Gohan is due. The hero has been sidelined since Cell was defeated for the most part, leaving fans to lament all of the hero's talent. Even the TV anime made the hero easy to forget, but that will change soon. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is going to put the spotlight on Gohan, and a new visual has popped up online of the Saiyan and his mentor Piccolo. 

The artwork comes from Chikashi Kubota, a name that should sound very familiar to Dragon Ball fans. The animation director has worked on the anime before, after all. Dragon Ball Super: Broly brought the artist in as a key animator, and now, he has gone up the ranks to animation director.

As you can see above, Kubota did ink a new visual dedicated to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The artwork brings Gohan and Piccolo to life in vibrant color as they prepare for battle. When the artist posted the work on Twitter, Kubota said he wanted to make the cast proud, and he has something to prove to Goku's actress Masako Nozawa.

"In Nozawa-Sac's words, I'll work hard to make it the best in the world," Kubota wrote. And as you can guess, Dragon Ball Super fans have plenty of faith in the artist.

Of course, that isn't to say the art in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will get any slack. Kubota has done nothing but impress fans, so the odds are in their favor. However, this movie will be working with CG animation for the most part. Audiences are still wary about the design shift, but if anyone can pull it off, Kubota is the man!

What do you think of this new key visual? How hyped are you for Dragon Ball Super to bring out this new movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.