Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Soundtrack Sets Up Several Movie Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is just around the corner at this point, and hype for the movie is growing by the day. After all, the comeback will bring Goku back to the screen, and the anime's creators promise the movie has surprises in store for audiences everywhere. And now, it seems some spoilers for the movie are coming to light courtesy of its soundtrack.

Over on Twitter, the track titles for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero surfaced ahead of the film's release in Japan. It was there fans discovered the album will have 23 tracks total. And as you see below, the titles given a rough outline of what Dragon Ball Super will be doing in its upcoming entry.

  1. "Avant Title"
  2. "Dr. Hero"
  3. "Hero's Cue"
  4. "Piccolo and Pan"
  5. "The Gamma Androids"
  6. "Red Ribbon Army"
  7. "Beerus' Planet Garden"
  8. "Beerus and Cheyle"
  9. "Shenron"
  10. "Advice"
  11. "Gohan vs Gammas"
  12. "Awakening"
  13. "The Evil Organization"
  14. "Orange Glow"
  15. "Magenta's Rampage"
  16. "The Deadliest of All, Activates"
  17. "Gamma 2's Resolve"
  18. "Mysterious Light Rays"
  19. "Preparedness"
  20. "Fight to Death"
  21. "Climax"
  22. "Towards Tomorrow"
  23. "Superhero"

Looking at these titles, fans can put together an outline of how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will work out. Of course, there are some surprises here as it seems Beerus will meet Chelye at some point, and these titles tease exactly when Piccolo will unlock his awakened form. Of course, there is also the hint of a surprise threat arriving given track 16 and its nod to the deadliest of all. And by the time track 20 rolls in, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will have its fighters embroiled in a battle to the death.

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