Dragon Ball Super: Superhero Producer Teases the Movie's Epic Visuals

Dragon Ball Super has kept fans on their toes with its manga this year, and it didn't take long for the series to drop a big 2021 bombshell. A new Dragon Ball Super movie was announced this spring before a full teaser went live last month. And now, one producer on the movie is teasing fans about what the project has in store.

The update comes from Super Dragon Ball Heroes and its most recent live stream. It was there Norihiro Hayashida penned a message for fans given his work on the title's promo anime. Of course, Hayashida is also an acting producer on Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, and he ended his message with a nod to the film.

"Now, as you all know, the much-anticipated new movie Dragon Ball Super: Superhero will be released in 2022," he wrote. "This movie will feature new production techniques and will be filled with spectacular visuals, so please look forward to it!"

As you can see, Hayashida has to stay vague when it comes to specifics, but his hopes for Dragon Ball Super: Superhero speak for themselves. The producer believes the film will have unmatched visuals, and from a fan's perspective, that opinion is a bold one. After all, Dragon Ball Super: Broly raised the bar with its stunning design courtesy of Naohiro Shintani. Now, this upcoming movie is ditching those looks in favor of a CG styling, but the fandom isn't sold on the swap just yet.

For now, fans will have to wait and see how these visuals stack up to Dragon Ball Super's previous work. Hayashida has his hands busy with the film, and he is far from the only person overseeing the project. The 2022 movie brought in creator Akira Toriyama to pen its script, so fans will want to keep a close eye on Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. And in the meantime, the Dragon Ball Super manga is putting out new chapters monthly as the series makes its way through its current arc starring Granolah and the Heeters.

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