Dragon Ball Teases Broly vs. Jiren Fight

Dragon Ball is teasing that fans will finally get to see a fight between Broly and Jiren with the newest release for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! Ever since Broly was officially introduced into the series canon after making his debut in a series on non-canonical movies, fans were excited for all of the potential possibilities such a massive figure could add to the future of the franchise. There are all sorts of potential rivals and fights still floating around in the canon, and two of the biggest questions fans have had concern both Jiren and Broly following their fights with Goku. 

The many reasons fans are hoping to see either of these characters in action again is seeing not only how they would stack up in power to the current Goku, but also how they would stack up in power to one another. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 seems to be teasing an exploration of this idea with the next wave of story DLC content, and while it's far and away from the kind of fight anime fans might want to see, it is a brief window into what this kind of clash could look like in the official canon of the series

While Jiren's return to Dragon Ball Super is still left in the air, Broly will actually be making a grand comeback to the franchise fairly soon. Broly is confirmed to be one of the many characters making their return to the anime with the upcoming release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The next major feature film in the franchise is currently scheduled for a release in Japan next year, but has yet to reveal an official release date nor has confirmed any release date plans for its international release just yet. But along with Broly, the film will be taking the franchise in a new direction. 


Set after the events of the film and taking place within the canon of the manga's stories as well, there is a ton of potential for where the series can go after. Rivals and foes like Jiren still have plenty of potential to return to the franchise someday and while fans might be waiting a while for the anime, at least these adventures outside of the canon give us an idea of what these dream fights could look like. But what do you think? Who do you think would actually win in a fight between Broly and Jiren? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!