How Has 'Dragon Ball Super' Set Up Its Final Tournament Battles?

A new year is here, and Dragon Ball Super is preparing to enter its on-going saga's climax. The Tournament of Power is down to two universes, and fans want to know how the event will pan out from here. Luckily, the anime has given audiences a hint about its final battles, and there are a few things fans should know.

Fan-translators have already taken the liberty of turning over Japan's latest synopses for Dragon Ball Super. Blurbs for episodes 122 - 124 are out now, and they have confirmed the remaining fighters of Universe 11 are about to square off with some specific enemies:

Jiren v Goku, Vegeta

There is one fight fans want to see in the Tournament of Power, and that is Goku's re-match with Jiren. Back in October, the two fighters squared off in their first epic clash, and Goku was taken down by Jiren despite powering up to a new form. When Dragon Ball Super returns with episode 122, Goku will go to face Jiren, but the Saiyan will be stopped by Vegeta.

Yes, Vegeta will be the next fighter to go against Jiren, and the Saiyan is set to team up with Goku against the Universe 11 warrior by episode 123. It seems the trio will keep each other busy as the tournament comes to its close, but there is always a chance Vegeta may bail to take on another fighter.

Dyspo v Freeza

If you are all caught up with Dragon Ball Super, then you know Freeza has been oddly MIA as of late. The fighter was revived temporarily for the tournament, but Freeza has kept away from any fight and only given a few assists. Episode 122 will change that trend as Freeza is set to challenge Dyspo when the Pride Trooper tries to scatter Team 7. However, the villain may have bit off more than he can chew with the Beerus lookalike. So, when Gohan has to help Freeza fight Jiren's teammate in episode 124, you can be sure their teamwork will determine whether they're getting eliminated or not.

Toppo v Gohan, Android 17


Jiren may be the star of Team 11, but fans would be amiss to forget Toppo. The fighter is the top candidate to become his universe's next God of Destruction, and Toppo will teach Universe 7 about his full power soon. Blurbs for episode 123 have confirmed Toppo will be challenged by Android 17 and Gohan this month. The former will try to take out Toppo with a sacrificial move, but Gohan's hesitation could spell trouble for Android 17. Toppo will not go out without a fight, and the looming elimination of Android 17 may force Gohan to take out the fearsome leader on his own.

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